CNC Sheet Metal Folding​

Sheet metal laser cutting and folding services go hand in hand which is why we have ensured we have the capacity to do both.

We can expertly fold your laser-cut parts using our advanced press brake. This technology empowers us to handle a wide range of material types and thicknesses according to your specific needs.

Through this precise and repeatable process, we ensure accuracy in every aspect of your project. If you’re seeking sheet metal folding services in Melbourne, look no further.

Folding capabilities

Max fold length: 3050mm


Max folding thickness: 5mm M/Steel @ 3000mm long.


What is sheet metal folding?

CNC sheet metal folding is an incredibly popular and frequently utilised method of forming metal parts, thanks to its ability to produce precise and desired shapes. Our sheet metal folding services are top-tier, as we use a hydraulic press brake to ensure that all jobs of all sizes are executed seamlessly with precision and accuracy. 

With an experienced team that is both knowledgeable and skilled, we are able to offer superior sheet metal folding services that are unparalleled in the industry. Trust us to provide you with exceptional results that meet and exceed your expectations, and we will deliver the perfect metal parts that suit your needs and specifications perfectly.


Welding is a common and often necessary process in manufacturing and construction industries. However, it is important to note that sheet metal folding services offer a number of advantages that can make the process of joining metals much more efficient and cost-effective.

A press brake provides much more accurate results than welding pieces together. Being CNC programmed it leaves less room for error over other manual processes.

This service reduces the amount of individual parts you need to cut and weld. This not only makes the process quicker. It also eliminates the need to weld together many individual parts saving time and money.