Rotary Laser Cutting

We provide our customers with cutting edge solutions for all their pipe, tube, RHS, and SHS needs. Our rotary laser cutting services in Melbourne cater to your unique needs and ensure unparalleled precision.

Whether you need precise cuts to speed up your project or intricate details to meet exact specifications, our services have got you covered. Trust Fused Fabrications for top-notch tube cutting services. Your satisfaction is our priority. Experience the difference that our rotary laser cutting services can make for you.


Tube diameter: 20-200mm

Maximum processing length: 6000mm

What is rotary laser cutting?​

Rotary cutting is widely regarded as one of the most efficient and accurate means of cutting tubular metal. With  the same laser technology found in flatbed machines, rotary cutting machines utilise an advanced process where the metal tube rotates beneath the laser head, hence the name “rotary”. 

This allows for exceptional precision without sacrificing efficiency, providing the perfect solution for numerous industrial applications. 


This method of cutting is the fastest and most cost-effective method for cutting different tube profilesNot only can it handle different tube profiles, including round, square and even oval tubes, but it can also create both simple holes and intricate cutouts. 

The secret to its precision and repeatability lies in its advanced machinery, which makes it the go-to technology for all tube cutting needs!

Higher cutting precision
Our rotary laser cutting machine provides precise and clean cuts. It is the small cutting kerf that accentuates the machines capacity to do this.
The proven concept of Tube Laser cutting replaces traditional fabrication processes such as sawing, drilling, chamfering, countersinking, milling and punching. This results in more efficient manufacturing. Using this process, you can cut to length and make the necessary cutouts in one go. This eliminates the need for secondary operations or manual material removal.